Document Destruction Services

Services Microfilm is an analog format for archiving documents. Before the advent of document scanners and the possibility of using electronic documents, microfilm was the only form of archiving documents. Originally, document microfilming was performed with the classic photographic process, using a microfilm camera. It is noteworthy that Saga Scanning Center recommends making the original microfilm (Silver-halogenid microfilm) and at least one copy (Diazo film) that the client uses in everyday work. A common part of the service is keeping the original microfilm in a safe, preferably remote location. This type of service is associated with a retention period of the documents to be processed. The documentation for which, according to the List of Categories of Registry Materials, the retention period has expired, or which does not have a permanent retention period can be destroyed on the basis of the approval of the relevant archives. Modern technology owned by Saga Scanning Center enables the development of the microfilm by photographing digital documents, rather than the original paper ones. Saga Scanning Center owns a modern archival depository (rooms with high levels of physical and fire safety), and thanks to a high-quality document indexing, oers a guarantee of delivery of originals or scanned copies to the customer in a defined period of time. Document destruction in the Saga Scanning Center is performed by using appropriate devices (so-called. “shredders”), after which the paper can be used only for recycling.