Physical Documentation Arrangement

Although documentation processing services are usually identified with scanning or microfilming, physical documentation arrangement is an essential processing segment, on which all further steps depend.

Legal entities (especially state-owned enterprises and state administration bodies), with the authorization of the competent archive, must, by law, have a document entitled “List of Categories of Registry Materials with a retention period”, with a detailed description of the documentation structure that the organization owns and deadlines for keeping certain categories. Based on the aforementioned lists, another document is formed, “Archive Book”, which describes belonging of specific documents to the described categories, their quantity and the exact physical location. The process of documentation digitalization includes all activities that begin with taking over the paperwork from the client and end with the delivery of the electronic documentation and the associated data in an appropriate format, as well as the return of the documentation to the client or its permanent physical storage. The preparation of the documentation for scanning through fast professional flow scanners is essential for the quality implementation of the mentioned work and that is the reason why the List Sistem Scanning Centre pays special attention to it. Preparation operators are performing all necessary activities, so the operator that manages the scanner can put the documents into the scanner without interruptions, which enables maximum use of the device performance. The scanned documents are returned to the Department for preparation in order to return to their original condition or prepared for long-term storage. Electronic documents are indexed and entered the attributes that will later enable them to be searched.

Within this segment, List Sistem Scanning Center ofers consulting, mediation in communication with the relevant archive, concrete assistance in preparing the Lists and Archive Books and final physical arrangement of the paper documentation.